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Master detox

Master detox is a preferred method to purge the body from the intense toxins that are exposed to as a result of our changing life habits in today's world. Throughout the program all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that the body needs are provided with liquid nutrition. In addition to this program consisting of freshly squeezed vegetables and fruit juices, the natural therapies included in the program, yoga, meditation and other activities accelerate both your purification and your weight loss process. This detox program, which is taken without food chewing, has an effect that will cleanse the body's accumulated toxins in a short time with the help of a special drink called en Detox Shake üc. Master Detox is the fastest and most effective liquid based purification program. The LifeCo Master Detox program consists of 2 basic nutrients, Shakes and Herbs. Shakes are prepared with the addition of dense fiber-containing Psyllium Husk Powder and Bentonite clay added to fresh fruit and vegetable juice. This mixture provides a feeling of satiety during the day, while the toxins in the large intestines are absorbed and excreted from the body. Herbs, vitamins, minerals, herbal proteins and amino acids in the course of the day will meet the need for nutrients.

Green Juice

Green Juice is a liquid-based diet plan designed for people who want to quickly alkalize their body thanks to their green liquid detox, freshly squeezed, spinach, celery and cucumber and dark green foods. It does not contain clay and fiber composition as it is in Master Detox Nutrition Plan. This program can be applied for 1-3 days alone, before or after 4-7 days, or Master Detox.
Dark-leaf greens, due to the high amount of chlorophyll they increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and allows the body to alkalize in a short time. Chlorophyll helps to eliminate the toxins your body has been carrying for years, and cleanse your colon and intestines. Your body is not exhausted by digestion and uses this energy to repair, renew and heal itself. Green liquid detox has important benefits in the digestive system.

To control the overeating incentive.

Excess alcohol, excessive fat and sugary foods, sweet meals on heavy meals, unlimited nuts consumption tatlı New Year's Eve is one of the main and vital errors. No matter how much attention is paid to the contents of the table, the person is getting plenty of calories without the hands. If you want to control the excessive eating motive; for two glasses of water before dinner, then continue with soup and salad and consume the latest main dish.
After a day, if you say I want to eat every day ... The idea that etkil New Year's Eve has no harm in eating unlimited meals en seriously affects your health. Extreme greasy food; can cause a lot of health problems, especially stomach discomfort. In order not to miss the control, take a serving plate for yourself, fill half with salad, and add a pair of spoons to the rest of the menu. You can do the same for fruits, nuts and dessert.

What are the tips for getting the best efficiency from detox?

Follow the program exactly. Do not play with the menus. If you do not follow the exercise, do not start at all, because fat burning is due to the exercises in these programs. During detox ebi olma Can I eat this instead of eating it? In the book menu you choose the appropriate program. Fat burning will be asleep, so sleep late at midnight. If there is cardio in the morning, do not change it with another exercise. Follow my exercise program during detox, during this time, if you have private lessons or group lessons, cancel because exercise is also harmful and this causes muscle loss. Pay attention to fluid intake and for the exact amount in the program. There is no such thing as hunger in the programs, even the dishes are coming even more. Eat if you are hungry or not, if it comes too much, eat at least half.