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Your skin is bad, you do not show him the necessary attention to the bad things will happen. Today, I need to know about the face mask will transfer information. It also displays face masks and recipes. Skin mask is perfect to protect our skin. OK size I don't say make it different masks on her day, but the most important is that once a month she pampers her skin and gets into one of these delicious masks. There are facial mask builders at home who are sure to try recipes as well. It will be perfect to throw away the fatigue of the week.

Why is your skin affected?

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is the first and most important barrier to disease-causing substances. Some of the tasks of the skin include: regulating body temperature, maintaining internal structures and providing some sensations such as touching. Tight and radiant skin is a symptom of being healthy. Nevertheless, there are many internal and external factors that may adversely affect the appearance and function of the skin.

Main Factors Affecting

Your Skin Too much exposure to sunlight Too much use of chemicals such as makeup materials and soap Alcoholism Tobacco use Unbalanced and unhealthy nutrition From the aesthetic point of view, the skin is the symbol of beauty in many cultures. Today, many cosmetic companies are striving to find new ways to protect and renew the skin. But you won't need these expensive masks filled with chemicals. You can prepare the best masks at home with natural ingredients. Face masks: Beauty and Health There is nothing more refreshing than a natural mask for your face. A natural skin mask removes dead cells from the skin, moisturizes the skin and tightens the lines on the face. There are different types of skin mask depending on the effect on the skin, so you need to consider the need for your skin to choose which one to prepare.

Mask # 1: Honey and Almond

        To make this wonderful peeler mask, you only need one tablespoon of honey and two almonds. Blend almonds with a fine powder and mix with honey. Then add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply to face with circular movements. Wait 15 minutes to dry, rinse with warm water. You will feel your skin renewed.

Mask # 2:

Oats and Softness After applying this mask you will not believe the softness of your skin. Crush the half-cup oats thoroughly and add half a teaspoon of honey, two tablespoons of milk, two drops of geranium (geranium flower) oil and two drops of chamomile oil. Mix well and apply in circular motion with your fingers. After waiting for 15 minutes, clean with warm water. Your skin will be as soft as a baby. If your skin is oily, you can add 5 drops of lemon juice to the mixture.

Mask # 4:

Fruit Some fruits are very successful in moistening the skin due to the high amount of water they contain. For example, gently peel a peeled banana on your face and neck. Wait 15 minutes and clean the mask with cold water to accelerate the blood flow.

Mask # 5:

Cucumber You know the amazing properties of the cucumber: it is a great food for a delicious, fresh and balanced diet. You will not believe in the changes your skin will make. Especially if you are under the sun on the beach, you will notice the effect better. Peel a cucumber and crush it until it becomes a paste. Clean the mask with plenty of cold water, you'll see how fresh and moisturized your skin. Replenishing Masks Against Wrinkles and Under Eye Rings

Mask # 6:

Tense Face Again, honey and eggs, is a great mixture for beauty. Two tablespoons of honey, mix with egg white. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and gently massage your face. You will feel your skin stretched. Wait 20 minutes and clean your face with skim milk. Mask # 7:

Rose and Youth Yes, in ancient times women said that rose, the short-lived rose, was the elixir of eternal youth. Would you like to try it too? Crush the leaves of 5 fresh roses until they are putty and leave for 15 minutes on your face. Clean with cold water. You will see the results!

Mask # 8:

Yogurt Although wrinkles are a sign of experience and maturity, nobody likes it. You can remove wrinkles with this mask. Mix a teaspoon of yogurt with a teaspoon of fennel seeds and the crushed leaf of the plant. It should be a homogeneous cream when you rub it on your face. After waiting 20 minutes, clean with warm water. If you apply every day, your skin will be thankful.